Photo Number 046
Aircraft F4D-1 Description
Bu.No. 13488* VF-141 was the first carrier based F4D-1 unit deployed to the Western Pacific. Skyray made colorful debut to the West Pac area with black trimmed Orange Yellow banner on the tail fin. Note the NAVPAC containing AN/ARN-14E slung under the centerline pylon, which was useful for land-based navigation in those days because of scares TACAN/VOLTAC stations. Rear pointed pitch trimmers installed both sides of jet nozzle governed attitude of F4D in approach without increase of drag and loss of lift by up-trimmed elevon.
Squadron VF-141, CVG-5, CVA-31
TC-Modex NF-206
Location NAS Atsugi
Date September 1957
Photo Credit Kiyomitsu Kondo
English caption by Duane A. Kasulka and Hideki Yamauchi.

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